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Akaaltech Automation's PVC High-Speed Door is the ideal solution for industries dealing in electronics product manufacturing, medicine, food, printing & packaging, precision instruments, air showers, clean workshops, automobile manufacturing, warehouse logistics, paint processing, and welding. We are leading PVC High-Speed Door Manufacturers in India, guaranteeing safety and optimum development at your workplace.
Our PVC High-Speed Doors are best suited for high traffic flow conditions of vehicles as they are designed for safe and continuous operations, improving your work efficiency by more than 50%. To provide integrity to the construction and resistance to mild wind pressure, the surface of the PVC curtain is separated by horizontal aluminum sections.

Elegant design made from durable polyester PVC sheet and customized installations make our doors adaptable to any context and requirements. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce automatic high-speed doors at a cost-effective price. Hurry Up! Get in touch with us now to install a high-speed door at your workplace.

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